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Attitudes Toward Robots

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Before continuing to the questionnaire, we need you to read the following information attentively and to confirm your consent. European data protection laws and other regulations require you to consent in order to participate.

  • I confirm that I would like to voluntarily participate in this study.
  • I understand that the study will take an estimated time of approximately 3-15 minutes.
  • As compensation, I will receive feedback. I agree that there will be no other form of compensation.
  • I understand that there is no deception involved in this study: I will not be deceived purposefully, I will not receive incorrect or false feedback, and I will not be held in belief of false pretences.
  • All data will be collected and saved anonymously. I understand that it is impossible to link my personal identity and the data or responses I provide.
  • The anonymized data will be used exclusively for research and teaching purposes, and saved for a minimum of 10 years. Research purposes may include the usage in academic publications and lectures, and the unrestricted access to the data for other researchers (e.g. in Internet data archives, corresponding to the recommendations of the German Research Foundation [DFG] and the German Psychological Society [DGPs] for quality assurance in research). Every storage and usage of my data is completely anonymous, therefore ensuring the inability to link the data to my person.
  • I understand that I am free to discontinue participation at any time during the study without providing a reason. I understand that if I withdraw from the study, I will not receive any feedback.